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Brigitte Valobra     ,     Wald

Art performance

Video art

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Our path... a desire... an every day attempt...a fact


In mind of a Poor Theatre of movement (according ideas of Jerzy Grotowski)


Notably inspired by the worlds of Samuel Beckett... Josef Nadj ...Tadeusz Kantor... Maguy marin... Kazuo Ohno... Joseph Beuys...


Performing on street and indoors most in silence... slowness... long frame stops

Making theatrical videos as a suspension of the time

Working together since 1988 through different theatre-dance companies, our path is a desire, an every day attempt, a fact. In mind of a Poor Theatre of movement. Notably inspired by the worlds of Samuel Beckett, Josef Nadj, Tadeusz Kantor, Maguy marin, Kazuo Ohno, Joseph Beuys... Performing all along the year on street and indoors most in silence, slowness, long frame stops. Our videos transcribe this state of mind.

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